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Today’s generation is very focused on their responsibilities, targets, money, ambitions, they don’t have there ample of time for their leisure. Focusing on these, they often forget to give time to themselves. A massage center or spa shouldn’t be looked at as a waste of money but as a necessity. It helps individuals reduce their stress levels! Improve sleep patterns, relieve pain and boost performance. Kolkata has quite a few very well known spas. Now a days in each and every star category hotels provide spa facility for their guests. For this reason hotels provide sometimes spa discount voucher also. Like-new 500 spa discount voucher except treatment sets. Like the another massage parlors in Kolkata, MISS SANIYA has opened a new parlor in Kolkata. They are providing -body massage, Swedish massage, oil massage, deep tissue massage, Thai massage etc. Experienced guys are working over there and everyone has minimum 3-4 years experience. It is in GARIAHAT area in south Kolkata. They are going to open their another branch in northern sides of Kolkata. They use special type of ROBOTOUCH classic equipment, Vibrator massager, neck and shoulder massager, MANIPOL body massager. This parlor has its special appeal of its own which make it different than the other parlors in Kolkata. Their massage therapy is growing in demand and popularity also.

Now a days, massage therapy is now considered a mainstream treatment option. It improves sleep, and promote relaxation throughout the entire body, as well as many other benefits.

BODY MASSAGE- Getting a massage at the final end of daily is one of the luxurious of life. There has some benefits of this body massage. Everyone can get rejuvenated and relaxing feeling afterwards. It helps in blood circulation and keep the bones flexible.

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  • Deep Tissue Massage
    2000/- 2Hours Per Person
  • Trigger Point Therapy
    1500/- 2 Hours Per Person
  • Swedish Massage
    2000/- 2 Hours Per Person
  • Body Massage
    1000/- 2 Hours Per Person
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Full Body Massage

by this we can expect sensual full body rub by feminine to male and that may the pleasure of life too. Vulnerable with eyes shut down, with the comforting music settings with the aroma and feel the rub with oils being applied softly after all over the romantic areas of the body that may be considered an awesome enjoyable activity.

Body Massage

You can expect sensual full body rub by feminine to male and that may be your one of the primary pleasures in life. Vulnerable with eyes shut down, with the music of comforting music in the setting, with the aroma and feel of rub with oils being applied softly all over the romantic areas on the body that may be considered an extremely enjoyable activity. When alternated with strong and clean strokes.

Swedish Massage

It is a kind of massage therapy that helps everyone to ease the tension of your muscles and also to provide the cure for the damaged tissues of your body. For this massage, flat, smooth and heated stones are places in certain specific portions of anyone’s body in this type of massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

You can expect Indian and Thai mind rub at our body massage therapy middle in Kolkata. This massage provides benefits such as keeping hair strong, healthy and lustrous and relief for the conditions such as migraines and tension, disturbed sleep, stress and related illnesses and tense etc.

Hot Stone Massage

when alternated and clean strokes of the masseuse’s hands it come with an ultimate physical and sexual joy. It has a same benefits like other massages.

Body to body massage

it involves different types of strokes and techniques to relax and arouseyou sexually. It is an excellent body massage for anybody who want to experience a maximum physical sexual pleasure.


Our rub parlor are on the primary therapeutic massage parlor in Kolkata. We acquired our name by giving high quality services by the topmost hot and alluring girls. Everyone canget physical and sexual satisfaction after taking service from this parlor. The staffs are incredibly bold and hot they will blow you off with their sexuality and pleasantness surely. They maintain some new rules and regulation. They coordinate with each other and it us mandatory also otherwise every task will become troublesome.

They maintain their team work under their team leader. Every type of massages are provided by this parlor. Everyone is experienced and trustworthy towards their work. Owner MISS SANIYA helps or assists them for providing good service.

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